Where & from whom I come from is Everything.


I am a firm believer in this message, and do everything I can to preserve and recapture past generations in a beautiful way. This hard, raw data of photographs and stories make for countless opportunities in attempting to convey them for the future generations.

My ultimate goal is to create a thorough indexed coffee table book covering the last ten decades of my family's whereabouts and stories. 

Along the way, there are digital reproductions of thousands of photographs to upkeep and maintain. The site is just a snapshot into some of my family's documented, colorful moments.

Where to draw the line?

Where does history start? It is every evolving and every past week becomes 'history'.  We create it, forget it and reminisce on it. 

I began exploring all four sub-lines; two from each parent. All came from very different places, and the connections they are making are fascinating.

What am i doing?

Creating opportunities to tell a story.